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Board Information

The purpose of the Board is to oversee and coordinate collaborative services for children and families that reside in Adams, Ringgold, Taylor and Union counties. Emphasis will be on the delivery of services to children age 0-5 and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services in the areas of education, health and human services.

The Board is the local governing body and has authority over the functions of the geographic area that will build strong families through collaboration with agencies and programs providing services to the area. Responsibilities of the Board shall be the following:

  • Appoint the Early Childhood Director or Contact Person

  • Interpret the scope of responsibilities of the Early Childhood Area as set by legislation

  • Select the officers and the committees, if any, of the Board

  • Develop and implement a community plan with identified priorities based on assessments of community members and service providers

  • Determine, subject to funding source policies, major personnel, organization, fiscal and program policies

  • Make final approval of all program proposals and budgets

  • Approve contracts and enforce compliance with all conditions of any funding source grants

  • Evaluate the outcomes of funded programs

  • Ensure that the annual report is submitted yearly

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